Scottish referendum: If the results will be No what’s next for Scotland’s independence

If the result of the referendum will be NO, would you say that the Scottish independence will be for some time a case closed or it will probably pop out very quickly again? Read few comments.

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Should the EU postpone new Russian sanctions due to ceasefire?

Slovak PM Robert Fico said that the new round of the EU sanctions against Russia  should be postponed due to ceasefire. Would you say it would be a right step in the situation we have or not, and why? Read few comments.

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NATO Summit UK: What’s next for the alliance

Read few comments.

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Do new member states “deserve” EU top job?

It seems that Polish PM Donald Tusk is a favorite for taking over the post of President of the European Council. New CEE member states claimed in July that they want one of the EU top jobs. Would you say that the new member states somehow “deserve” one of the top jobs? Read few comments.

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Georgieva, Mogherini, Sikorski for EU High Rep. post, but how good is this roster

So we have official candidates for EU High Rep. with Kristalina Georgieva, Federica Mogherini and Radek Sikorski. It still can happen that the job will go to another person, and The Financial Times claims it will go to Mogherini, but if you look at those three candidates are they all up to this job in your opinion or not, in general is it a good roster? Read few comments.

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France: With government reshuffle may this crisis just be starting?

French PM Manuel Valls submits resignation of his government over Economy Minister Arnaud Montebourg’s comments could you comment on if Valls action was basically inevitable and whats next in your opinion?

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Irregular quote of the day

Martin Sandbu, economics leader writer for the Financial Times in “The euro is a scapegoat for the blunders of politicians.”

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