Slovakia is witnessing 50 percent drop in Russian gas deliveries. What to do?

What would be your explanation and what can Slovakia do, maybe to rise the issue more vocally also on the EU level? Read few comments.

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It is grilling time for Juncker’s Commission

Would you say that of designate Commissioners may face real troubles in the European Parliament, how strong (weak) is Juncker’s team in general in your opinion? Read few comments.

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With Holder leaving Obama is losing soul brother

As Attorney General Eric Holder is stepping down my question is as follow what do you think about his legacy? Read few comments.

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How flexible is Islamic State in winning heart and minds?

This is perhaps just an episodic thing, but according to this report ISIS reverts smoking ban in Kirkuk ‘to gain popularity’. But would you say that the Islamic State is relatively adaptable in terms of “winning hearts and minds” to keep some territorial gains? Read few comments.

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Spain: Government scrapped plan to tighten abortion law. But…

Why this turnaround, would you say that the Rajoy’s announcement is a big surprise? Read few comments.

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Can Ebola become a permanent problem in West Africa?

We are concerned that without a massive increase in the response, way beyond what is being planned in scale and urgency … it will prove impossible to bring the epidemic under control, researchers Jeremy Farrar and Peter Piot write. So what is your view on the scenario that Ebola could become a long-standing, even permanent threat in the West Africa? How realistic is it in your opinion? Read few comments.

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James Ker-Lindsay: We are living in an era when boundaries are increasingly coming into question

Interview with James Ker-LindsaySenior Research Fellow on the Politics of South East Europe, London School of Economics and Political Science

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