Are fake goods fine? Not so fast

Fake goods are fine, says EU study. The article with this title appeared  on the website of The Daily Telegraph.  In the article is quoted Professor David Wall, expert on criminology from Durham University. I have contacted him and he told me the piece requires some explanation.

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Juncker manipulates history

He is the President of the Euro Group and he wants to criticize the decision of Slovakia’s parliament not to support the bailout for Greece. No problem. Jean-Claude Juncker has every right to criticize it if he thinks it was a bad move. But he should based his criticism on the real facts, not on his version of history.

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The man who dies rich, dies disgraced

Said Andrew Carnegie. Investor Warren Buffett and Microsoft founder Bill Gates announced that they are asking hundreds of billionaire Americans to give away at least 50 percent of their wealth to charity. They launched the website and it said each person who chooses to pledge will make this statement publicly, along with a letter explaining their decision to pledge.

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Curse or blessing? Vast mineral wealth was identified in Afghanistan

The reserves include  iron, copper, cobalt, lithium and gold with the estimated worth of $1-trillion USD. But some experts doubt it is only a good news for Afghanistan.

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Was Huang Guangyu’s case a warning?

In China, it is generally assumed that there is a political element to any high profile cases.

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America’s disastrous debt is Obama’s biggest test

By Roger Altman, deputy US Treasury secretary under President Bill Clinton

America’s fiscal picture is even worse than it looks.

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The world will not fight for food

At least not now.

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How to solve the high prices of food?

There are too many contributing factor.

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