Afghanistan: On transfer of security and peace negotiations

1. The NATO led International coalition hands over responsibility to the Afghan national army and police. The transition sounds as a major milestone, but how would you asses the ability of Afghan forces to do their job?  2. Also  U.S., Afghans, Taliban peace talks may  begin. What it means in your opinion? Read few comments by Jorrit KammingaVisiting Fellow, Netherlands Institute for International Relations Clingendael. Update: also comments by Patrick Bury, military and security analyst.

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How much of Iran is in Israeli air strikes in Syria?

Read few comments.

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North Korea versus South Korea. Is it different this time?

We went through this rhetoric full of threats from the North Korean side many times before. So would you say is it somehow different this time, is it in your opinion possible to identify any new element in this? Read few comments.

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Cyber or Cold War?

According to NYT article a secret legal review on the use of America’s growing arsenal of cyberweapons has concluded that President Obama has the broad power to order a pre-emptive strike.

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British spies vs. Iran’s nuclear program

British involvement is probably less sensational than the The Daily Telegraph’s suggestion, but it doesn’t  mean we should rule out every kind of involvement.

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Over five year almost 100,000 troops would be cut. Will security risks follow?

Do you think the security risks will come with the fact the US will have a smaller force or not, and why? Comments by Richard StollProfessor of Political Science, Rice University.

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An open letter to President Obama: Let’s talk to Taliban

More comments from some experts who have signed it. Letter here.

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