Spelling Bee: Education? Or just entertainment?

A 13-year-old New York boy Arvind Mahankalihas won the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Read few comments.

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Bangladesh: What can ensure better working conditions?

More than a dozen brands plan to sign a five-year contract that requires they help pay for fire safety and building improvements.

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Women in the Catholic Church: Will their role change with Pope Francis?

According to media reports Pope Francis stressed the “fundamental” importance of women in the Roman Catholic Church.

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International Women’s Day could be happier

According to media reports Vatican, Iran, Russia and other nations resist UN efforts to stop sexual violence against women. The objections are based on the argument about the different cultures and religion.

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How to stop the violence against women in India?

India:  A key cause for premature female deaths is the ill-treatment of women and overt discrimination which take on many forms not just rape.

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Will Newtown massacre profoundly influence a gun control issue in the U.S.?

Read few comments.

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Who will celebrate its decisions? U.S. Supreme Court to hear gay marriage cases

Do you perceive it as a good sign for pro or anti-gay marriage camp?

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