Tsunami could be a real weapon. Even accurate weapon

An expert says. The Project Seal in which during War World II military and scientists were trying to create tsunami and then used waves as the weapon is probably no just science fiction.


1. Is it in your opinion something like the Project Seal  possible? And if yes, generally how it could work?

2. Even if we would be able to create tsunami is it any chance to calculate he route of the tsunami really accurately? Because without accuracy the tsunami would be as a weapon practically useless.


Ted Bryant, Associate Professor, Associate Dean of Science, University of Wollongong

1. Very possible. You don’t fool around with conventional explosives. You use a nuclear bomb that drops to the sea bed before it explodes. Of course the best result would be obtained on a shallow continental shelf or in an enclosed body of water. The Black Sea is an ideal setting and it contains many significant naval targets. I know this because I was approached by a Bulgarian tsunami expert who defected to the west a few years before communism fell. His specialty was tsunami generated by nuclear explosions and he worked on the affects of such tsunami in the Black Sea. In fact, there has been one non-nuclear explosion that generated a significant tsunami. This occurred in Halifax in 1917 when a munitions ship blew up in the harbour. The tsunami would have been even bigger if the ship and sunk to the harbour bottom and then exploded. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halifax_Explosion

Wikipedia summarises the effects of underwater nuclear explosions. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Underwater_explosion

Of course there is always an opposing view: http://www.lpl.arizona.edu/~jmelosh/ImpactTsunami.pdf which I believe is just propaganda to make the enemy feel safe.

Explode the nuclear device on the seabed on the continental shelf, in a bay or in a harbour and you will get a nice destructive tsunami.

2. You cannot only calculate the size of the wave but very accurately forecast its path. If you used a nuclear bomb, the tsunami wave would spread out from a point source. This is very much like the waves that spread out from a pebble thrown into a pond. Some of the most precise hydrodynamic theory involves waves and we have known exactly how waves travel to shore since the 1950-60s. Once you know the wavelength of the generated wave and the shape of the ocean bottom, you can determine the wave’s speed and pathway with a high degree of accuracy. The seabed has been mapped to a high degree of accuracy. Only since the cold war ended has some of this data become publicly available. I would imagine that every significant naval base in the world has been mapped by some major power and the site and size of the nuclear weapon determined to get the maximum effect of a nuclear-generated tsunami.

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