Barack Obama is an Ox

In the Chinese zodiac of course. The Year of the Ox begins today.


1. How important is the sing Ox in Chinese cultural tradition? Is it something very special on this year of the ox?

2. Generally what we could expect from the year of the ox this time?

3. Do you think it could be advantage for new US President Barack Obama his irst year in the office is the year of the ox?


Suzanne White, “High Priestess” of Chinese and Western Astrologies

1.  The Ox represents serious, hard enduring work and results. The Ox doesn’t drag his feet. But he goes slowly and steadily toward his goals. The Ox is important (particularly now) because those born in this sign are not frivolous or spendthrift. They get on with the business of making life work efficiently. I have an Ox friend (typical) who, when you ask him how he is feeling, he asnwers, “Everything under control.” That’s the typical Ox. Everything is kept orderly and sane. He tolerates no fools and is himself a careful person who lives wisely and with measure.

2. No nonsense. Fewer holidays.

3. It’s perfect! He is beginning a new 12 year cycle of his life as an Ox. What he said in his speech is exactly what has to happen in Ox years. Pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and begin to rebuild a new America.  If anyone can do it. He can. Read his first book. It’s fantastic. Really fantastic.

Neil Somerville, Author of Your Chinese Horoscope and The Answers

1. The Year of the Ox is truly significant. The Ox is very respected and admired for its strength and reliability. For centuries Oxen have worked the land and are good and hard workers. And some of the Ox’s nature and fortitude will be seen in 2009.

2. This is a year for hard work and commitment. Much effort will need to be made and progress will not always be easy but with strength, courage and determination great things can happen, decisions made and plans set in motion. With the problems of the world, it can mark an important time of recovery.

3. The world certainly wishes Barack Obama well and while any new President may not want to come to office facing the problems we have now, it can be a marvelous opportunity to show his strengths and rise to present challenges. It is in times of adversity real character can be shown and new, positive and courageous starts made.

I wish all your readers well and in the words of Henry David Thoreau, born under the sign of the Ox, ‘I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor.’ This is a year for making that conscious endeavour for there is much to do and ultimately be gained.

Vince Koh, Fengshui online

1. This year in 2009 is the year of the Earth Ox, this year is special because all five elements like Earth,Metal,Water,Wood and Fire are present in the Chart. We also have two Springs(Lup Chun) One at the beginning and the other at the end of the year which has been missing for some years now. So this is an excellent year !

2. This year we can expect natural calamities in the North and Northeast  part of the world and conflict amongst younger generation, sickness, disease and epidemics are expected. However the good side of things is that we can expect a better year than last. There will be good beginnings and good endings as well. Economy should pick up this year compared to last year.The reason why there was a financial turmoil was because most of the business dealings were in buildings built during Period 7. Unless the buildings were changed to Period 8 (starting 4th Feb 2004) it would only get worst.

3. The Commanding star is in the charts which brings authority, power and influence favoring leaders strongly. So President Obama will naturally have a good Start in his presidency. Powerful Mentor  star also brings luck of being supported ,helped and guided by powerful benefactors.

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