World of powerful: Female entrepreneurs dominate female politicians

Except of Angela Merkel you can find in Top Ten of Forbes list of the world’s 100 most powerful women only women entrepreneurs and no politician (and Sheila Bair, but she is government official). And you can find only two female politicians in Top 20.


Do you think in this moment there are no powerful female politicians in the global politics or business just dominates politics right now and women have better chance to become successful in the business sphere then in the politics?


Judith Squires, Professor of Political Theory, University of Bristol

Research indicates that political parties are powerful gatekeepers, limiting the numbers of women in politics. Gender candidate quotas have proven to be an effective measure for securing higher levels of women’s participation in national parliaments. However very few governments operate with quotas in relation to cabinet appointments. There are, as a result, few really powerful women in politics.

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