Real journalism isn’t about selling a book

By Don Campbell, USA Today’s board of editorial contributors

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Victory of GOP in Massachusetts. In Obama’s words

Barack Obama likes to use a phrase “Let me be clear on this” and the word “unprecedented“.

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The world owes a debt to Haiti

Why is Haiti poor and how to improve the conditions there.

By Clifford Griffin, Associate Professor of Political Science, North Carolina State University

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Chile supported a right-wing guy Sebastián Piñera

What does it mean for the country with the legacy of Augusto Pinochet’s reign?

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Haiti needs a new system of governace

Will the cycle of poverty and tragedy ever end?

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New European Commission: Socialists and conservatives are fighting over nominees

It looks like the debate about the commissioner candidates heats up. Socialists are unsatisfied with Rumiana Jeleva and Algirdas Semeta, EPP attacks Maros Sefcovic and everybody criticize Olli Rehn.

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Will Google pull out from China?

And what does a privacy mean in the cyberspace?

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