You don’t find them in the Yellow Pages. The contract killers

In the movies the elite of contract killers are very well paid anonymous people equipped with the most advanced high tech willing to take down almost any target including famous politicians all around the globe.

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ICJ ruling is not a reason to recognize Kosovo

It seems Hashim Thaci thinks otherwise.

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Stupid or manipulative journalism?

I do not know how many times I have heard this from 2005. The attack on Iran seems inevitable! The George W. Bush’s war III is almost here! It is good to emphasize the danger of war but it is also good to use the real facts.

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How much do we know about the nuclear program of North Korea?

Pyongyang promises sacred nuclear war in response to the US-South Korea joint naval exercises.

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Some Internet porn sites in China now accessible

By Michael Anti (Zhao Jing) Chinese journalist and internet analyst.

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Will Kosovo become an example for all kind of secessionist movements?

The International Court of Justice said Kosovo’s declaration of independence from Serbia in 2008 did not break international law.

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More harmony for duo Cameron-Obama than for Brown-Obama

British Prime Minister David Cameron meets US President Barack Obama at the White House for the first time since taking power.

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