What to publish in the time of Wikileaks?

I’m pretty sure many journalists from media who are publishing the leaked cables have had many discussions with diplomats or politicians containing info similar to cables.

But these discussions were off the record or for background only so they did not publish it or they did but not in a way some concrete person say this concrete guy is an asshole but in a fashion some people think working with this guy might be difficult.

If these journalists have had these discussion why they didn’t run these stories? Of course, quoted sources would say: that conversation never happened. But anyway, why they were waiting for Wikileaks?

Should we, I mean journalists, just publish everything? Should we say no to off the record? Or do you think there is no connection between this and Wikileaks?

P. S.: Till now the leaked cables were not a surprise for me. I have had the above mentioned discussions also. I run some stories based on them, I never mentioned some and will never do.

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