A gift for Barack Obama

POTUS turns 50 today.


What would be the best political present for Obama in your opinion, what is his deepest wish?


James Boys, Director of the International Relations Postgraduate Program, Associate Professor of International Political Studies, Richmond, the American International University in London

If we are being light hearted about this, then I suggest the following ideas:

1. The best present that the president could wish for is for the Republican Party to concede the 2012 election a year early out of fears that a Tea Party candidate could secure the nomination and lead the party to ruin and ridicule!

2. The best present that the president could wish for is for a Sarah Palin candidacy and all that this would entail

3. The best present that the president could wish for is Michelle Obama’s approval rating figures.

4. Obama’s deepest wish is for the Tea Party members to keep doing exactly what they are doing…

5. Obama’s deepest wish is for invisible teleprompters that never break down or cannot be knocked over by the vice president.

Steffen Schmidt, University Professor of Political Science, Iowa State University

President Obama wishes for the US economy to revive quickly for two reasons. First because he is “bleeding heart” and compassionate man and feels the pain of the unemployed. Second because it would all but guarantee his reelection and could swing Congress back to the Democrats. He has a large unfulfilled agenda for the USA which he could then complete. As Marilyn Monroe sang in her smokey voice to JFK “Happy b i r t h d a y Mr. President … Happy b i r t h d a y t o you”

Eric Ostermeier, Research Associate, Center for the Study of Politics and Governance, University of Minnesota

The best political present Barack Obama could receive is for Mitt Romney to drop out of the 2012 presidential race. Obama’s deepest wish is that he could govern more liberally over the next year before the election than the American public will allow.


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