Risky: PM Papandreou said a referendum on EU aid package will be held in Greece

Reuters: Nearly 60 percent of Greeks view the EU summit agreement on the new bailout package as negative or probably negative.

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What military rulers of Egypt want

Few comments by Elijah Zarwan, Cairo based analyst of International Crisis Group.

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Eurozone is looking for a rescue deal in China

Is it a good idea?

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Eurozone deal: Pros and cons

This is probably the best situation we could realistically hope to achieve under the present circumstances. The markets will rally for a while, but if the details are not convincing and the doubts remain.

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Berlusconi vs the EU (Merkel, Sarkozy)

Will PM of Italy survive?

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EU and energy security: What lies ahead

And what about the energy infrastructure?

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Britain’s referendum on the EU: A big issue for the next years?


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