Welcome to Merkollande

Few comments on the EU, François Hollande and Angela Merkel by Carolin Rüger, Institute for Political Science and Social Research – European Research and International Relations, Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg

Pacta sunt servanda, but also Pacta sunt supplenda. That international treaties have to be accepted also in case of changing governments is not only a good tradition, but also a necessity in a Europe with 27 member states. Therefore, the fiscal compact won’t be pulverised just because Hollande is in power now. But without any doubt, the fiscal compact will be supplemented by a growth element. This will be seen with relief by those countries which call for austerity with a human face. The question is now how this growth element will look like in practice.

From a German point of view, many comments focus on the end of the “Merkozy” romance with their common mission to rescue Euro(pe). Indeed, Chancellor Merkel bet on the wrong horse by backing Sarkozy. But  “Merkollande” might be working as well as the former tandem – if not better, since Merkel’s mode of governance is much more in line with “Monsieur Normal” than with “Monsieur Bling Bling”.

And finally, from a European point of view, isn’t it good news that European topics are debated in national elections? We have waited long for something like that. And this is what makes European politics politicized – and interesting.

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