Rape victim was accused of indecency. Does it tell us something about Tunisia?

It is probably useless to make any fundamental conclusion based on this story. But my question is: How women fit into Tunisian society after the political changes?


Fatima El Issawi, Research Fellow, London School of Economics

Tunisian women are struggling after the revolution to preserve the avant-gardist status they were granted by the secular former regime such as gender equality and fair representation. However, the main threat in the post revolutions era is not specifically targeting women’s rights but civil liberties and rights in general. This threat is mostly expressed by sustainable social and religious intimidation that is aiming to impose a new conservative and strict code of conduct in departure with the traditions of the former secular regime. In the case of the rape victim accused of indecency, therefore implicitly blamed for the abuse she was subjected to, the decision of the judiciary supported by the government, to consider her equally responsible with her abusers, is a practical green light for further intimidation which could result in seriously handicapping civil rights under the banner of religion, with the government’s implicit encouragement.


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