Any impact? NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg endorses Obama for second term

How important or unimportant is Bloomberg’s endorsement at this stage of the race?

Robert Y. ShapiroProfessor, Political Science, Columbia University

In a very close election anything that happens in the campaign that can affect voters may matter. So Bloomberg’s comments might resonate with any moderate and undecided voters in key, battleground states who have heard about or paid attention to Bloomberg’s endorsement. It is obviously related to the Federal government’s response to the hurricane and Obama’s positions on climate, environmental, and infrastructure issues, where Obama the Democrat is a more reliable ally than Romney the Republican. This endorsement follows on NJ Governor Chris Christie’s positive comments on the Obama administration’s response to the disaster and the not wanting to comment on Romney’s possibly coming to see the effects of the storm in NJ. The candidates are close in several swing states and small numbers of votes shifting as the result of these kinds of comments could make a difference. Both Blooomberg and Christie have more credibility among moderate voters than more partisan and ideological leaders.

William Benoit, Professor, School of Communication Studies, Ohio University

No one running for president would want the endorsements of the politician who said a pregnancy from rape is god’s will — or the one who earlier said women’s bodies can stop pregnancy from rape. Other than these extreme cases, politicians would rather have an endorsement than not have an endorsement.

However, the praise President Obama received from Governor Christie about the storm will help him a lot. Christie is a mainline Republican, not a maverick. This shows that Obama can work well with Republicans when it matters. However, the Bloomberg endorsement is worth little.

Steffen SchmidtUniversity Professor of Political Science, Iowa State University

Mayor Bloomberg is highly respected and has been a Democrat, a Republican, and independent! He is also a billionaire and a much more successful businessman than Donald Trump! I think it sends a last minute signal to Independent voters who are THE most important factor. He is a national figure and this news will be heard in the battleground states such as Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, Colorado, and Michigan and Pennsylvania which now may be a swing states. So I think it gives Pres Obama credentials from a major CAPITALIST which he needs! It could give Obama a small “bump” with some no-party and undecided voters and that would be very helpful. It comes right after a huge Republican Super Star, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has said very nice things about the President’s disaster response after the Hurricane Sandy. I was the guest speaker at the largest Rotary club in Des Moines Iowa. Republicans including Iowa’s Republican elite leaders were very surprised and alarmed by Christy making nice with Obama!

Ken Sherrill, Professor Emeritus, Department of Political Science, Hunter College , CUNY

I think this is extremely important. Bloomberg’s endorsement strengthens Obama with the business and financial community, it strengthens him with those who may have doubted his managerial skills, and it may help Obama with wavering Jewish voters. It’s a powerful coda to a week that has emphasized Obama’s strengths and the powers of incumbency during a crisis. Additionally, it weakens Romney by pointing to the Republican’s ideologically-based opposition to the evidence-based science of global warming.

Nicholas CullProfessor of Public Diplomacy and Director of the Masters Program in Public Diplomacy, University of Southern California

It certainly is no help to Romney but I think that NJ governor Chris Cristie’s endorsement is more important since he is a rising star in the Republican Party and a possible candidate for 2016…


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