Cameron and the EU: What is British PM doing?

British PM David Cameron cancels long-awaited EU speech amid amid Algerian hostage crisis. But read few comments by Darren Lilleker, Head of Research, Centre for Public, Communication Research, The Media School, Bournemouth University on what might be Cameron’s approach towards Europe.

I think he try to use a referendum as a lever to get a better deal for Britain from the EU, he will seek to pay less into the EU definitely and possibly to opt out of human rights and social policy that runs counter to Conservative policies. In the longer term I doubt he would actually call a referendum as it is highly likely that the British people would vote in favour of leaving which could be damaging to the British economy given the level of trade we have with Europe. Cameron may also seek to stop automatic entry and ability to work in Britain for EU nationals, but it is not clear how that would be possible.


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