Czech Social Democrats in post election infighting

Read few comment by Dariusz Kałan, Central Europe analyst, Polish Institute of International Affairs.

The main winner of the elections is president Milos Zeman, who will definitely use the lack of stability in the new parliament. His own ambitions, strong social mandate and imperfect constitutions will work in his favour. Moreover, as it is quite unlikely that the new government will be established soon, Zeman will maintain his control over the most important country’s sectors by extending the mandate of the Rusnok temporary government, closely connected to him.

The situation within the CSSD is very difficult. Indeed, the party won elections, but with very disappointing result. It has no chance to establish the stable coalition with none of junior parties and may try to govern the country with minority government, but this solution will sooner or later result in a clash with the president. As Sobotka’s leadership was already weak, the current unfavorable situation may cause “tectonic movements” within the party and even result in its disintegration.

To my knowledge, Hasek and his team are in minority in the party. But they have something that liberals do not have – support from the president, as well as probably from the smaller left-wing parties, that could be interested in Zeman’s plans to unite the whole left under his own auspices. Besides, it is easy to blame Sobotka for a weak result in the election. So, my shot is that – with active role of the president – the current leadership will be soon replaced by a people close to Zeman.


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