Berlusconi: A desperate man?

Former PM Silvio Berlusconi asked for a review of his tax fraud trial, he also suggested that President Giorgio Napolitalo should pardon him. Would you say that these are just a desperate measures of a desperate man as a Senate vote on his expulsion nears and he knows that he is going to lose?


John Agnew, Professor of Geography, Professor in UCLA’s Department of Italian, UCLA

President Napolitano has said very clearly that a pardon is not going to happen and that Berlusconi’s comments about the judicial system and his potential expulsion from the Italian Senate have been totally inappropriate. Not even his previously presumed political heir, Alfano, stands with him. But Berlusconi will go down fighting, even at the expense of the Italian government and the reputation of Italy as a country. This is political theater. It looks very much as if Berlusconi will be expelled from the Senate and that he will not be able to void his conviction for fraud in the Mediaset case and avoid some sentence in the Ruby case. His career in politics is drawing to a close. Expect more fireworks; he has the resources to make difficulties even as he leaves the scene.

Mario Mignone, Director of the Center for Italian Studies, Stony Brook University

I was very happy the first time Berlusconi became Prime Minister; not so much because he became head of Italian government but because an alternative was needed to the Center-Left coalition that ha governed Italy for about 50 years. It’s well known that when the same political forces and/or the same individuals govern for so many years the political system is crystallized and corruption becomes rampant.

Berlusconi became a big disappointment; he governed for self interests. Laws were tailored to serve his interests and those individuals close to him. He never thought about the common good; he never displayed civic responsibility.

The President of the Italian Republic and the the Italian Parliament should show to the Italian people and to the world that besides creativity, Italians have also a high sense of integrity: Berlusconi belongs in jail. That would be the best message of civic maturity.

Alexander Stille, Professor of International Journalism, Columbia University

They are not just the product of desperation but are expressions of a man who does not have any sense of rule of law and who sees himself as above the law. His fraud case has been examined and confirmed by three different Italian courts, including the highest court. His guilty verdict has been confirmed: game over. Berlusconi does not think the normal rules should apply to him. There is no reason he should receive a pardon. There is massive evidence that this is only one of many crimes he has committed, even while holding public office. He has already used the appeals system — and Italy’s highly unusual “statute of limitations” system — to get out of other convictions.


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    1) ” Prime Ministers Blair and Berlusconi today confirmed the ‘excellent relationship’ that exists between the UK and Italy in a summit in London.
    Mr Blair said the talks today were “amicable, productive and constructive”.
    “I really do not think the relationship between Britain and Italy has ever been stronger,” he said at a press conference following the meeting.”

    2) ” Tony Blair left his Italian counterpart Silvio Berlusconi hobbling after a “friendly” football game, it has been reported.
    The pair played a five-a-side game at the Italian’s Sardinian home during Mr Blair’s visit earlier this month.”
    ” The anti-communist Berlusconi that leads the Forza Italia party (PDL) was and is a unpresentable politician. Already funded by shadowy Swiss capital , formerly affiliated with the secret P2 Masonic Lodge ( cardholder 1816 ) ………………..
    Among other things , the knight [Berlusconi] in 1983 was under investigation for drug trafficking .The survey, then closed , was originated from the following statement of the Guardia di Finanza dated 30 May 1983: “It ‘ was reported that the well-known Silvio Berlusconi, owner of the private broadcaster Channel 5, would finance an intensive drug trafficking from Sicily, both in France and in other italians regions ( Lombardy and Lazio).”

    3) Berlusconi was accused of paying a $600,000 bribe to his British former tax accountant, David Mills, the husband of Tessa Jowell, the UK cabinet minister and friend of Blair.
    On 17 February 2009, UK government minister Tessa Jowell’s husband David Mills was sentenced to four and a half years jail in Italy for corruption.
    Mills was also fined €250,000 by a court in Milan for taking a bribe from Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi to give false evidence in two corruption trials.
    After Blair won the 1997 general election, he made Jowell his public health minister.
    According to The Observer ( How the lawyer’s pub deal brewed a storm of trouble ) :
    At the time Jowell was involved in discussions with the drinks industry about a range of issues from relaxing drinking regulations to alcopops.
    Documents obtained by The Observer reveal that on 8 February 1998, Mills used a company based in the British Virgin Islands to buy 90,895 shares in a little-known firm called the Old Monk Company…
    The Old Monk Company is involved with pubs and drink. (aangirfan: BLAIR; BERLUSCONI; MAFIA; CIA )
    Blair has had a consultancy with a US investment bank, JP Morgan, since January 2008, earning him £2million a year.
    Blair has a tendency to travel by private jet and sometimes with a VIP motorcade.

    4) ” Blair Tells Americans: Surrender
    November 19, 2011 • 11:39PM
    British monarchy hitman Tony Blair has gone hyperactive in recent weeks, pushing global war and global fascism. Fresh from his Oct. 28 private White House meeting with Barack Obama (the subject of that meeting still remains undisclosed), and his personal oversight of the installation of a fascist technocratic government in Italy one week ago, Blair took it upon himself this week to dictate to the United States that our American System of government and economics must go.
    He did so from none other than Her Majesty’s illegal money haven, the Cayman Islands. “There’s an absolute necessity to recognise that if we want to keep up the modern world, we’re going to have to undergo some difficult change,” Blair told hedge fund billionaires gathered for the Nov. 16 gala opening of the KPMG tennis championship in the Caymans. “When you look at America right now, they’ve got the same challenge. They’re going to have to stabilize their debt situation and reduce it. They’re going to have to reform their tax code. They’re going to have to reform their systems of welfare and government. And if they don’t do that … there are going to be long-term problems with their economy.”
    This is the man who began advising Obama from before he was even elected, whom President Obama was to hail only weeks after taking office, as “an example … of what dedicated leadership can accomplish.”
    In the fine tradition of Hitler regime sponsor Montagu Norman, Blair insists that, today, “we have to realign the politics with the economics.” By which he means, as he made clear in interviews the following morning from his next stop, Toronto, that “technocratic governments,” as he called the juntas installed in Greece and Italy last week, are necessary to rip up the “social model.” He baldly lied that these technocratic governments were “put in largely by public support,” because people just want “to get things fixed.”
    At the same time, he continues his drumbeat for war, announcing to a gathering in Toronto that “time is running out” for Syrian President Bashir Assad, and reiterating that “all options must be left on the table” to deal with Iran.
    There was a time not so long ago, that Blair was concerned he might face prosecution for war crimes for his role in setting off the Iraq war in 2003, through deliberately false intelligence. But two days ago, the Chilcot inquiry announced that the final report on its investigation into that set-up has been postponed for another six months, thus freeing up Blair to start a far, far bigger war. ”
    ( Blair in Jerusalem: War on Iran, War on Syria, Save the Banks Above All )


    ” Wednesday, November 25, 2009
    Lord Mandelson and Cherie Blair Go Hunting With Ghaddafi’s Son
    Tomorrow’s edition of the Spectator (UK) contains this snippet from Charles Moore’s diary:
    I hear of a remarkable recent gathering at Waddesdon Manor, Lord Rothschild’s famous French chateau in Buckinghamshire. A shoot was taking place, though not all the party were shooting. As well as Lord Rothschild and his son Nat, the unofficial deputy prime minister, Lord Mandelson, was there, and also Lord Rothschild’s country neighbour, Cherie Blair. Neither of them picked up a gun. Various young friends of Nat with double-barrelled or European princely names were shooting…..”

    2) ” Since leaving office Mr Blair has used a number of Gulfstream planes, including a South African-registered Gulfstream V jet based at Luton Airport.
    In November last year he is believed to have hired a Gulfstream IV owned by British-based banker Sir EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD for a three-day return trip to Rwanda at an estimated cost of £83,000, including fuel.
    Sir Evelyn, 77, who was one of a number of billionaires to dine at Downing Street in Mr Blair’s final days in power, has owned the plane since 2002 through a company called Metropix.
    He hires it out through brokers in London and Luton.
    In 2000, Sir Evelyn donated £250,000 to the Policy Network, a think-tank presided over by Peter Mandelson which organises many of the conferences – including in Washington, South Africa and Budapest – at which Mr Blair gives speeches.
    And in 2003, Sir Evelyn’s wife, Lynn, offered her services as a fundraiser to the Labour Party, reportedly saying: ‘Whatever Labour wants, I would be happy to help in any way I can.’ ”

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