The Netherlands: Wilders is going to win the EP elections

Geert Wilders said that the Nederlands would be better off outside of the EU. One poll from January says that some 45% of the Dutch are in favour of European Union membership, with 37% opposed. So how much traction can Wilders’s opinion get in the Netherlands especially in the EP elections? Read few comments.

Cas MuddeAssistant Professor, Department of International Affairs, University of Georgia

The PVV is by far the biggest party in all polls in the Netherlands. In some polls the PVV has even more support than the two government parties together! There is little doubt that Wilders is going to win big in May, although one has to keep in mind that he already did very well in the European elections of 2009. The European elections will be, first and foremost, about national issues, not European ones, and this is why the PVV does so well. Support for a Dutch exit from the EU (a “Nexit”) is undoubtedly very low, but most people know that it is not a realistic option and can therefore still vote for Wilders to express their dissatisfaction with the major parties (particularly the conservative VVD).


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