Is Yanukovych finished?

Or not? Read few comments.

Mark Galeotti, Clinical Full Professor of Global Affairs, Center for Global Affairs, New York University

My sense is that Yanukovych is finished, even if he doesn’t realize it yet. The Rada has abandoned him, even the elite in the east – while obviously being very unhappy with what happened in Kiev – isn’t looking to reinstall him. The fact that they are talking about wanting greater autonomy within Ukraine (or, in extreme cases, Russian protection) is a pretty clear sign that they have written off any prospect of his return to power.  And I think Moscow has written him off, too – Putin was never very impressed with the man. I think it suits their purpose to allow him to stir up trouble in the country for a while, but likewise I think they have moved to the backup plan of greater regional autonomy for the east and Crimea to allow them to continue to have influence in Ukraine.

Maksym BugriyNon Resident Fellow, Jamestown Foundation

Yanukovych faces the responsibility foremost for the failure to prevent the killing of over 70 people, both the protesters and police officers.  He lost his credibility as Head of State.  Even though the opposition also parties made mistakes during the crisis, his poor performance is incompatible with the stature of the President. Ukraine still faces many issues to be resolved, but there is a hope for a better democratic state that will be oriented towards the EU, but also maintain  good relations with Russia.


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