Russia vs. Ukraine: Also a cyberconflict?

What do you expect from developments in Ukraine-Russian cyberspace? Kind of an escalation as we read reports like “Snake’ Cyberattacks Target Ukraine’s Government“?

Rex Hughes, Co-Director, Cyber Innovation Network, Cambridge University

Since the recent Russian incursion into the Crimea there appears to be a substantial increase in cyber attacks on the Ukrainian Internet. Although it will take some time to pinpoint the specific source of these attacks, it would not be surprising to learn that some of these attacks could be traced to either state or non-state entities based in Russia. Virtually any time there is there is an international armed conflict in the early 21st century, it is reasonable to expect that specialised cyber operations teams will play a prominent role in state directed actions against a rival state. Given the intensity of the current crisis in the Crimea and Russian capacity to carry out serious cyber mischief, Ukrainian authorities should plan accordingly.


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