U.S and China want to avoid a military conflict

According to The Wall Street Journal U.S., China ready deals to avert military confrontations. How essential are those efforts in your opinion? Would you say it may lead to some broader détente in Asia-Pacific? Read few comment.

Rory Medcalf, Director, International Security Program,  Lowy Institute

It is heartening that President Obama and President Xi have reached some significant agreements on military confidence-building measures in maritime Asia.

This is an essential step to managing and reducing the risk of confrontation or conflict in disputed waters like the South China Sea.

Whether it will lead to true détente in the strategic tensions between China and the US is another matter.  Over the long run, US-China strategic competition appears to be intensifying.  The challenge ahead is for China’s leadership to ensure that security actors, like the military and maritime coastguard forces, exercise restraint. China will also need to curb nationalism sentiment. The United States will need to reassure China that its Asian alliances are truly defensive in character, which they are. And there will be a need for nationalist tensions to be managed between China and its Asian neighbours. It is too soon to be declaring permanent peace in Asia.

Zhiqun ZhuAssociate Professor of Political Science and International Relations, Bucknell University

I think this is a very positive development.  The military relationship has been the weakest link between the two powers.  Now they are trying to establish some protocol to regulate the military interactions.  I think this helps institutionalize the relationship as well as avert unintended conflict between the two militaries.  If US-China military relations improve, the security situation in the Asia-Pacific region will also improve.


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