Hagel as a scapegoat?

As SecDef Hagel is stepping down I have red an interesting tweet from Philip Crowley. It says: While all White Houses make changes after a political defeat, it’s not clear what problem SecDef Hagel’s departure is intended to solve. So what would you say, what is Hagel’s resignation intended to solve? Read few comments.

Peter Feaver, Professor of Political Science, Director of the Triangle Institute for Security Studies, Duke University

Secretary Hagel is the designated scapegoat. Replacing him is intended to blunt the growing critique of President Obama’s national security policymaking process. It is not clear Hagel is chiefly to blame for what is ailing the Obama Administration, however, and so replacing him may only buy a very brief respite from the criticisms, if any respite at all.

Gordon Adams, Professor,  School of International Service, American University

Hagel’s departure may be a White House response to the major issues raised in the campaign. Republicans charged that Americans should be fearful – os child immigrants, Ebola, the Russians, and ISIS. And they charged that the Administration was not competent at dealing with these and other challenges. If it is time time to look tougher on defense and portray an image of competence, the White House may feel it was time for Hagel to step down. He has not had a strong leadership reputation either in the White House or at Defense.

James CarafanoVice President, Foreign and Defense Policy Studies, The Heritage Foundation

Much like appoint the ebola czar, its meant to deflect criticism and by time, and hope things get better.


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