American Sniper also in Slovak cinemas now

Of course, we saw a heated debate in the US about the movie. In your opinion, what does the movie and this debate represent for America?  Read few comments.

Robert Schmuhl, Professor of American Studies, University of Notre Dame

The continuing debate over American Sniper reflects the deeper and ongoing debate among the U.S. citizenry over the war in Iraq. Many Americans see the film as honoring the military through the depiction of Chris Kyle. An opposing viewpoint argues that the movie tends to glorify a sniper and what he did. In effect, American Sniper serves as a lightning rod for what people think about the war itself. The result produces heated arguments on both sides.

Stephen Duncombe, Associate Professor, Department of Media, Culture and Communications, New York University

The controversy over American Sniper here revolves around the question of whether the protagonist is a hero or a killer. That is: was he simply an honorable soldier who did what his country asked of him and did it very well, thereby saving the lives of his fellow American soldiers. Or was he mass murderer who was given training, a weapon and a license to kill by the US Government. The uncomfortable truth, of course, is that he was both.

Leger Grindon, Professor of Film and Media Culture, Middlebury College

Clint Eastwood is an accomplished director and I have heard that the film is very well crafted. Frankly the debate in the American press seems to have little to do with the actual merits of the film, but simply reflects the commentator’s feelings about the Iraq war. Since the American public remains divided about whether the Iraq War was a terrible mistake or a patriotic war that must be defended. I myself think the Iraq War was a terrible political mistake, but I anticipate enjoying the film nonetheless.


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