FIFA President Blatter has announced he will resign. What happened?

Sepp Blatter’s action is kind of unexpected, so how do you read this, what is behind his decision in your opinion?
Read few comments.

Roger Pielke, Jr., Professor, Center for Science and Technology Policy Research, University of Colorado-Boulder

That is a great question. We know that FIFA was earlier today caught in a public lie when it said that Valcke was not involved in the $10m alleged bribe, and then a letter surfaced soon after addressed to him from the SAFA detailing the transfer of the $10m.  If there is more to the story, it will no doubt come out. Whatever the immediate cause of Blatter’s actions, it does seem that FIFA has its best opportunity for real reform i a generation, or maybe ever.

Andrew Zimbalist, Professor, Smith College

Only the timing is surprising. Blatter’s top deputy, Jerome Valcke, is now linked to the $10 million bribe paid in pursuit of South African hosting the World Cup in 2010. Blatter’s circle closed in on him. Further, the UEFA threat to run a competitive World Cup in 2018 would create financial chaos for FIFA. Blatter had no choice. Now the major challenge of rebuilding FIFA begins.



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