Edward Lucas about upcoming Globsec

Why do you think Globsec in its 11th edition is still  important and what should be its focus?

Edward Lucas, Senior Editor, The Economist, Senior Vice-president at the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA), Author of  The New Cold War

Globsec this year is unusually important though the reasons are no cause for joy. On the one hand the outside world has woken up to the governance weaknesses in the ex-communist world. These countries are not “fixed” — they elect unpleasant, eccentric politicians, they are open to Russian influence-peddling, and they display unhelpful Euro-sceptic attitudes. On the other hand, they are the frontline states of NATO and the EU and need to be defended against a real Russian threat. Of course there is a lot of hypocrisy in this approach– Russian influence in Western Europe is also alarming (as we saw in the Dutch referendum); politicians such as Marie Le Pen and Donald Trump are a much bigger danger than anything we see in the Baltics, Visegrad or Balkans.

So there is plenty to talk about!



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