Queen’s Birthday and Brexit

As Queen Elizabeth II. turns 90 and she is still popular how do you see the possibility she might sooner or later say something regarding upcoming EU referendum? And BTW, do you think that her intervention would be influential no matter what camp she would support? Read few comments.

Gëzim Alpion, Department of Political Science and International Studies, Lecturer in Sociology, University of Birmingham

The issue whether the UK should remain in or leave the EU is hardly new for us in Britain. Whether one belongs to the ‘remain’ our ‘leave’ camp, it would be difficult to find people across the UK who are either 100% in favour of staying in or of opting out. In one way or another we all have concerns regarding how the EU functions or doesn’t.

As such, it is normal for Queen Elizabeth II, both as head of state and as a private subject, to have her own views on the matter. I am sure the Queen has voiced her private thoughts to those who are close to her in an informal capacity. It would be odd if she didn’t.

As for her making a public pronouncement on how people should vote in the June referendum, this, in my view, is unlikely to happen.

And BTW, do you think that her intervention would be influential no matter what camp she would support?

Were the Queen to announce her stance on the direction the EU referendum should go, this could have a negative impact on the camp she may appear to endorse directly or indirectly. The Queen and those who advise her are perfectly aware of this.

I have the feeling that a direct involvement on the part of the Queen in this matter will probably not be received very well by the political establishment as well as the public in the UK. We would like the Queen to be reticent.

Which is just as well. As a rule, the Queen has maintained a taciturn discretion on public affairs throughout her long reign. This is what makes her such an effective articulate silent monarch. Long may it be so!


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