Putin understands absolutely how the West can be undermined

There is lot of discussions about if and how Russia tried to meddle into the US presidential election. Generally speaking what would be your assessment? Is Russia willing and capable to do this and also to try to influence the elections elsewhere (Germany, France…)? Read few comments.

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Migration crisis in 2016: Some steps have been taken, but…

EU has border guards, is moving with ETIAS system, migration compacts and Turkey deal (whatever we think about this) is still at place. How would you assess the last six months of management and solving of migration crisis from the EU maybe also taking into account that Slovakia just had rotating Presidency of the Council of the EU (and for better or worse my country was also somehow in the spotlight of migration crisis)? Read few comments.

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Berlin attack: Is it possible to stop such attacks?

What happened in Berlin looks like the Nice copycat attack whatever the motive is. Is there any lesson learned out of it in terms of police work and counterterrorism or we have to simply accept that it is impossible to stop somebody who decided to use a truck as a weapon? Read few comments.

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Trump election: Any drama in Electoral College?

Do you expect any drama in Electoral College or do you think it will be a smooth process? Read few comments.

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If no US sanctions against Russia also no EU sanctions?

Read few commenst.

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Slovakia’s EU Presidency didn’t overplay its hand

As we approach the end of the Presidency, this time I would would like to ask you for your view on the last six months. How do you perceive Slovak EU Presidency, what positives and negatives would you underline? Read few comments.

Logo of Slovak Council of the EU Presidency. Credit: www.mzv.sk

Logo of Slovak Council of the EU Presidency. Credit: http://www.mzv.sk

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What is anti-establishment according to Donald Trump?

People from Goldman Sachs, billionaires, top donors, Secretary of State from Exxon. It seems this is how the huge part of Trump’s administration will be established. What does it tell us about how Trump wanna run the country after heavily using anti-establishment message in the campaign? Read few comments.

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