Why is China criticizing THAAD in South Korea?

China once again denounces the deployment of THAAD, Russia is also critical. In your opinion, is THAAD a right answer to North Korea missile threat and how do you perceive the objections of China, Russia that it damages the regional strategic balance and stability? Read few comments.

A Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, (THAAD). Credit: https://www.army.mil

Robert E. Kelly, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science & Diplomacy, Pusan National University

THAAD is only designed to shoot down missiles in their final stage, right before they hit their target. So why would China or Russia object unless they intend to fire missiles at SK cities? THAAD cannot shoot down Chinese or Russian missiles flying toward the US. I continue to believe THAAD is a good choice for SK. NK is building lots of missiles, ergo SK needs missile defense. What SK currently have only gives them a few chances to shoot down an inbound. THAAD gives them more chances, bc it can reach higher up. Seems fairly straightforward to me.


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