Looking for a “Czech Kiska”?

It is just one poll, but according to this one Jiří Drahoš would defeat incumbent Miloš Zeman in presidential election second round. So would you say Zeman might be in some troubles in terms of being reelected,  do you think he may change a bit his behavior, statements? Read few comments.

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Will Trump unpopularity affect US diplomacy, interests?

According to Pew study the US president Donald Trump and his policies are broadly unpopular around the globe, see e. g.  While hardly desirable it is not the first time when the US is not very popular and open or latent antiamericanism is the reality in many countries. But would you say that such unpopularity also somehow affects the ability of the US to pursue own diplomatic, strategic interests or it is not a big problem, and why? Read few comments.

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What can we learn from the recent global cyberattack?

Interestingly Ukraine was the hardest hit country by the last cyber attack. Infrastructure, banks, even Chernobyl nuclear plant were hit. It is perhaps interesting also  because Ukraine is in the state of conflict with Russia, so no matter attackers intentions we see the country in the state of war, albeit low intensity, hit by massive cyber attack. Is it possible to learn some lessons from it in terms of “hard” defense how to protect the critical civil infrastructure better in case of real “cyberwar” attack? Read few comments.

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Will/should the EU do militarily something more in Africa?

While talking about EU defence, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, but also many others, said Europe had a keen interest in stabilizing Africa: As Europeans, we want a coordinated approach there. But should the EU, Europeans really step up the military role in Africa, military wise what can we realistically do in Africa? Read few comments. Continue reading

Brexit: Britain’s mid-life crisis

What is your association when I say Britain and Brexit one year after the referendum, do you think that Britain is somehow different one year after the referendum? Read few comments.

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Future of EU debate: Any progress?

For few months we have five EU future scenarios on the table, Commission published couple of reflection papers and EU leaders will look at a number of the most pressing issues, including migration, security and defence, and economy at the upcoming summit. How do you assess the debate we have on the future of Europe, do you see a progress? Read few comments.

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Attacks against Muslim communities is becoming an issue of increasing concern

While we do not know all the details of what happened in London, in Finsbury Park it looks like a deliberate attack against the Muslim community. In your opinion, how big is a threat of reprisal attacks against Muslim community after couple of attacks conducted by Islamist extremists, how should security forces (society?) react? Read few comments.

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