What to expect from President Trump at UNGA?

During his visit to NATO many expected that President Donald Trump will clearly emphasize NATO Article 5 and the collective defense. I didn’t happen at that time. Maybe now the situation is similar. What do you think the world expects from Trump now from his tomorrow’s UN speech and the world might get? Read few comments.

Jack GoldstoneProfessor of Public Policy, George Mason University, Woodrow Wilson Center Visiting Scholar

The world waits with baited breath to see what Donald J. Trump will say at the UN.   It will probably NOT be a speech by “candidate” Trump—that is, it seems unlikely that Trump will complain about how ineffective, costly, and anti-American and anti-Israel the United Nations can be.

More likely, it will be a speech by the “strong President” Trump, making clear that the U.S. will always defend its interests, praising the UN for supporting sanctions against North Korea, and asking the UN to continue to cooperate with the US in opposing threats to peace.  There may be some further threats against Iran and North Korea regarding nuclear proliferation; some pleas for the UN to contribute more to the fight against terrorism, and some remarks that are pro-Israel.  But on the whole, I think Trump will likely to stick with the written speech he is given and seek a constructive role for the United Nations that will make the U.S. seem like a leading nation, and not a weak or compromising one.

Kurk Dorsey, Professor of History, University of New Hampshire

I have no idea what to expect from President Trump’s speech tomorrow, and I suspect that most world leaders don’t either.  He tends to run hot and cold, and he tweets things that he doesn’t say, so we never really know what might pop into his mind at any moment.  That seemed pretty clear when he spoke about the violence in Charlottesville and his own Chief of Staff seemed surprised.

What seems to be on his mind right now is North Korea and his growing and unexpected feud with Russia.  I suppose that it’s most likely that he will make some specific and probably contradictory comments about North Korea and then focus on ways to make the UN great again, which seems to be one of the themes in his preliminary remarks today.  But then I have never seen a president who is so hard to predict!

Daniel SerwerSenior Research Professor of Conflict Management, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, John Hopkins University, Scholar, Middle East Institute

I think the world expects little from Trump and will likely get less, as happened at NATO. He seems unable to live up to even minimal expectations. General McMaster says he will emphasize America First and the important role of sovereignty as well as responsibility. I suspect that means everyone should take care of themselves and not look to the US or the UN for assistance. I’ll be glad if I am wrong, but no one should expect him to endorse a multi-lateral organization or a collective approach to security, even if he pushes the war on the Islamic State and praises the Coalition. Consistency is not one of his virtues.

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