Morawiecki in, Szydlo out. What does it mean for Poland?

As Mateusz Morawiecki replaces PM Beata Szydlo how do you read this, what does PiS hope to achieve with this reshuffle? Read few comments.

Benjamin StanleyLecturer, SWPS University, Warsaw

There are a few things I think this is intended to achieve. On the domestic level, PiS have said they want to concentrate on the economy, so promoting Morawiecki is the logical step here as he has been the face of the economic successes of this government so far. They will also be thinking of next year’s local elections and looking at ways in which they can capture more centrist voters. Morawiecki’s premiership is likely to help here: he has a fairly bipartisan past, having been an adviser to Donald Tusk during his premiership, and his past in banking may allay some fears among the business community.

On the level of foreign policy and relations, Kaczyński will feel that Morawiecki is better placed to present a more emollient face to the world than Szydło did. Szydło cut an awkward figure on the European stage, and her propensity to lash out and make opportunistic use of terrorist attacks to claim justification for the Polish line on refugees did not go unnoticed among European leaders. Morawiecki is likely to be better received – he has a good command of English and a diplomatic manner. For all that PiS say they are unconcerned at how they appear to foreign observers, they will be mindful of the fact that the only moment when their polls took a serious dip was after the EU Council debacle in March.

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