Towards no-deal Brexit?

It’s end of August 2018 and we are seemingly pretty far from Brexit deal and no-deal Brexit advice is published by UK government (which is, we can probably say, on the other hand a normal reaction on the situation). Would you say that something went wrong on both sides, and what, or is it pretty normal that negotiations are somehow stuck just before the finish and there is still a good chance for striking a deal? Read few comments.

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RIP John McCain

Maverick, conservative, foreign policy hawk. Politician from the times (though I am not sure if those really existed) when politics was more civilized. What was Senator John McCain’s political star hour (2000 campaign?) and what about his most problematic decision (Sarah Palin?) and what those things say us about his political legacy? Read few comments.

John McCain (1936 – 2018)

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Manafort, Cohen and probably to be continued. Can Trump escape this unscathed?

While Donald Trump probably pushed all norms of what is “normal” for the US President did two courtroom dramas of Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen just create probably the worst day of his Presidency as with Cohen’s case his former lawyer claims that Trump (a candidate for federal office as legal papers say) directed him to make payments that violated campaign finance laws? It is hard to imagine that Trump can escape this totally unscathed. What effect it might have on his Presidency? Read few comments.

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What’s next for Greece, Syriza after leaving bailout program?

As Greece leaves the bailout program what do you expect politically for the country? Will Syriza be able to somehow capitalize on this, or sooner or later it’s opposition’s turn? Read few comments.

Guard at the Greek parliament building. Credit: Andrej Matisak

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Kofi Annan and his legacy

RIP Kofi Annan (1938-2018). How would you assess the effect Kofi Annan has on the UN, what is his international legacy? Read few comments.

Secretary-General Kofi Annan meets with Eduard Kukan, Foreign Minister of the Slovak Republic (19 December 2003). Credit: UN Photo/Evan Schneider

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Is Trump damaging freedom of the press?

Following The Boston Globe’s initiative more than 300 U.S. newspapers have pledged to run editorials defending freedom of the press in response to President Donald Trump and The Boston Globe accused POTUS of carrying out a sustained assault on the free press, would you say this is a right approach from the media, do you think that Trump is really damaging freedom of the press? Read few comments.

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Will the burning cars help Sweden Democrats?

Swedish PM  Stefan Löfven said society must react in a tough manner on the wave of arsonist attack as dozens of cars were set alight.  What kind of reaction do you expect from the government? And the elections are quickly approaching, do you think that such attacks might effect polls, maybe it could help to propel Sweden Democrats? Read few comments.
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Does somebody care about Uyghurs?

China says claims 1 million Uyghurs imprisoned in camps  are completely untrue. Beijing repeatedly claims it is only fighting against Islamic extremism. But China was criticized for this by UN human rights committee. How do you assess the credibility of this report, and do you think that China should be more openly criticized for dealing with Uyghurs minority? Read few comments.
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Hamza bin Laden: Next face (leader) of Al-Qaeda?

It was reported by The Guardian that Osama bin Laden’s son Hamza has married the daughter of Mohammed Atta but from other sources it seems that this wedding was wrongly reported but please, may I ask what do think about Hamza’s position within Al-Qaeda. Is he a new generation of the network, is he really important, or he more or less just represents some hype due to his name? Read few comments.

Hamza bil Laden – Image from video released by CIA.

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Is President Xi Jinping afraid of Winnie the Pooh?

It looks a bit absurd but it seems that Chinese authorities denied the release of the movie with Winnie the Pooh. Does it tell us something about the Chinese regime? Read few comments.
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