Trump-Putin meeting was cancelled. What does it mean?

After the escalation in Azov Sea President Donald Trump cancelled the meeting with President Vladimir Putin. What does it mean for US-Russia
relations? Read few comments.

News conference in Helsinki following talks between the presidents of Russia Vladimir Putin and the United States Donald Trump. Credit:

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What’s next for Ukraine-Russia relations?

What’s next for Russia-Ukraine conflict, do you think that what’s is going on in Azov Sea is somehow a new phase, or not and why? Read few comments.
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Migrants on the Mexico-US border: What could be done?

How could/should the USA and Mexico react on the situation of asylum seekers on the borders in Tijuana? Read few comments.
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Brexit negotiations and the future of EU-UK relations. Where are we heading?

Read few comments.

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Migration: How important is EUNAVFOR MED operation Sophia?

Slovakia’s PM Peter Pellegrini visited HQ of EUNAVFOR MED operation Sophia and said Bratislava will support extension of the mandate for the operation.  In the framework of what the EU is doing re migration how important and how effective is this operation? Read few comments.

Credit: EUNAVFOR MED operation Sophia

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Is Italy’s populist government a disruptive force?

Slovakia’s PM Peter Pellegrini just visited Italy. Of course, EU topics were prominently on the table. How would you shortly assess the role new Italy’s government plays at the EU stage, as many people were worried that this populist government will be a disruptive force? Is it, or not, and why? Read few comments.

Slovakia’s PM Peter Pellegrinin (L) just visited Italy and met PM Giuseppe Conte. Credit> Facebook of PM Peter Pellegrini

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What to expect from Democrats in presidential elections 2020?

What does the result of midterms mean for Democrats, what does it mean for their chances to win the White House in 2020? Read few comments.

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