ISIS is (not) defeated

President Donald Trump tweeted: We have defeated ISIS in Syria, my only reason for being there during the Trump Presidency. So how do you see this rationale for withdrawing troops, how do you assess the current state of ISIS in Syria and beyond? Read few comments.

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Simply, Trump and Mattis have two different visions of the US role in the world

As Secretary Jim Mattis resigned it seems no “adults” left in the Trump’s administration. What does it mean for Trump’s Presidency? (I have to say that in my opinion the whole concept – adults will correct Trump – was flawed from the beginning). Read few comments.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. Credit:

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What is the future of Nord Stream 2? Will it really happen?

Norbert Röttgen, chairman of the foreign affairs committee of the German Bundestag just wrote: Germany in particular must urgently reconsider the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project. Do you see Nord Stream 2 as a done deal, or do you think it still might not happen, and why? Read few comments.

Pipelay vessel Pioneering Spirit near Denmark’s Great Belt Bridge on its journey to join the Nord Stream 2 construction fleet in the Baltic Sea. The vessel is operated by contractor Allseas. Credit:

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Flynn, Trump and the state of American politics

From decorated soldier to convict. What would you say the case of Michael Flynn says us about the state of American politics in the age of Donald Trump? (Interestingly, Trump still defends Flynn, unlike Michael Cohen). Read few comments.

Official DIA portrait of Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn

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Is argument about climate change related to the national security debate?

There are many discussion connecting national security and climate change and countries are usually responsive to arguments that describe security threats. So how important (or maybe unimportant?) could be the national security argument for countries, even for sceptical countries, to do something about climate change? Read few comments.

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Brexit: We can expect some nice words from the EU but the Withdrawal Agreement is settled

Read few comments.

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Nothing suggests North Korea has the intention of denuclearizing

South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in says U.S. President Donald Trump told him he wants to grant Kim Jong Un his wishes if he denuclearizes. So where are we regarding NK nuclear program six months after Trump-Kim meeting? It seems Kim is waiting for some consessions from the US and on the other hand it seems that Trump believes he was able to solve NK problem, at least partially. Read few comments.

President Donald J. Trump meets with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un. Credit:

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