Trump-Kim summit: What (probably) went wrong and what’s (perhaps) next

it seems that Trump-Kim summit in Hanoi failed to produce any kind of progress, no to mention a deal. What do you think about the summit and how you see the future of US-NK relations? Read few comments.
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Does Bucharest Nine matter?

Meeting of Bucharest Nine (Poland, Czechia, Hungary, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria) takes place in Kosice, Slovakia, representatives of nine countries but also NATO SecGen Jens Stoltenberg join this meeting. What kind of added value, if any, could such format bring into the debate about European security and defense? Read few comments.
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Second Trump-Kim summit: Any kind of progress?

Assessing the period from Trump-Kim summit in Singapore until now do you expect some progress and on what topics during the upcoming summit in Vietnam, or you don’t expect much of a progress, and why? Read few comments.

President Donald J. Trump meets with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un. Credit:

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What to expect from Vatican summit on clergy sexual abuse

Nearly 200 church leaders from around the world gather at the Vatican to confront the problem of sexual abuse of children. In general, what do you expect from this meeting, something really concrete or more or less just a continuation of the debate? Read few comments.

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Bernie Sanders is running again. What is different now?

His run is not unexpected, but in your opinion, is there anything unique what is Bernie Sanders bringing into already pretty crowded field of Democratic presidential candidates? Read few comments.

Bernie Sanders. Credit:

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Labour split: What does it mean for British politics and Brexit?

What kind of new dynamics could Labour split bring into the UK political scene and the Brexit debate? Could it be significant or probably not so much? Read few comments.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Credit:

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What should Europe do with ISIS foreign fighters?

The case of British teenager and ISIS bride Shamima Begum and President Donald Trump saying Europe countries should take home their citizens that fought for ISIS  have renewed the debate what to do with the members of ISIS. I know it is a complex problem but I would like to ask how do you see this. Should we keep them out or let them return (at least some of them), and why? Read few comments.
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Pompeo in (central) Europe: What is his message?

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is visiting Europe, also Hungary, Slovakia and Polland. Read few comments. Continue reading

Merkel meets V4 in Bratislava: What does it mean?

Read few comments.

Germany’s Chacellor Angela Merkel meets V4 in Bratislava. Credit: Andrej Matisak

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What was Trump’s SOTU address about?

Read few comments. (And a transcript of the address here).

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