Brexit: A high-risk strategy of PM Boris Johnson

PM Boris Johnson’s new Cabinet had a strongly pro-Brexit flavor. In your opinion, what does it mean in terms where Brexit and British political scene are heading? Read few comments.

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What do Trump and Johnson tell us about the current world?

The US President is Donald Trump, UK PM is (soon to be) Boris Johnson. Does is tell us something profound about the current world we live in, and what? Or maybe it is less significant as some observers claim, and why? Read few comments.
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Will the possibility of a no deal Brexit increase with Boris Johnson as British PM?

It seems Boris Johnson is a clear favorite to become a British PM. Do you think that if that happen a chance of the no-deal Brexit scenario will really increase, and what kind of reaction do you expect from the EU? Read few comments.

Boris Johnson. Credit:

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What should/will allies do about US President Trump and his racist remarks?

Not sure how do you assess this but I think that Trump’s tweets, statements are these days openly racist. Do you think that this is an issue also for the US allies, and do you think it requires some reaction, or not and why? I am asking this because transatlantic relations are based also on values, albeit sometimes pretty vague definition of values. Read few comments.

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Is this a bomb? Audio recording suggests that Russians were willing to provide money to Salvini’s Lega party

BuzzFeed News has obtained an audio recording of a meeting on October 18 2018, at the Metropol Hotel in Moscow in which Gianluca Savoini, a close, longtime aide of Italy’s nationalist deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini, and five other men — three Russians and two Italians — discussed the terms of a possible deal to secretly funnel around $65 million of Russian oil money to Salvini’s Lega party and its European election campaign. While it’s unclear if Lega received any funding, do you think this may somehow affect Italian political scene and vice-PM Matteo Salvini?
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Why would Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy wanted to meet Putin and Trump?

How do you read Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s offer to Russian President Vladimir Putin for the format of negotiations with the participation of U.S. President Donald Trump? Do you think such format might be helpful? Read few comments.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Credit:

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Kim Darroch: Britain cannot permit a foreign government to dictate who is appointed as ambassador

Do you expect Ambassador Kim Darroch will stay as the UK Ambassador to the US after President Donald Trump claimed – We will no longer deal with him. How would you say the UK should/will manage the situation? Red few comments.

UK Ambassador to US Kim Darroch shakes hand with US President Donald Trump celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in 2018. Credit: Twitter of Amb. Kim Darroch,

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