No deal on EU top jobs? Maybe it’s not such a big deal

It is, of course, not easy to fill in top jobs, but do you think that so far a failure of EUCO to find a solution tells us something about the current state of the EU, or better not to exaggerate on this? Read few comments.

Katjana GattermannAssistant Professor Political Communication & Journalism, Amsterdam Centre for Contemporary European Studies (ACCESS EUROPE), University of Amsterdam

I think this would go too far. It does take time sometimes discussing what the best options are. This is the nature of the EU; there are many countries and political actors, so compromise takes time. In my view, it would be more worrying if everything was decided immediately and without deliberation.

I am still curious what the outcome will  be; and how they deal with the EP. I think even if we hear names for Commission President, the procedure may take longer depending on the EP.

Simon UsherwoodAssociate Dean, Senior Lecturer, Department of Politics, University of Surrey

This round of filling EU top jobs has been particularly difficult, both because of the strong views around the European Council table and because of the ever-more diverse composition of the European Parliament. However, this has never been an easy process for the EU in the past, because everyone sees an opportunity for some influence or some glory, so while the suspension of the European Council today is unprecedented, it does not mean that the system is broken.

Ted ReinertForeign Policy Think Tank Researcher, Analyst, Expert on European Politics

It looks like a messy meeting of the European Council. The EU is more ideologically divided and it’s always challenging to fill the top jobs as the process aims for consensus among a large group of countries, and the Spitzenkandidat system was less accepted this time with France, Italy, and Poland governed by parties that are not members of the EPP or S&D, so yes the difficultly says something about the current state of the EU. But it shouldn’t be overexaggerated – the European project is increasingly politicized, but it is resilient.

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