What should/will allies do about US President Trump and his racist remarks?

Not sure how do you assess this but I think that Trump’s tweets, statements are these days openly racist. Do you think that this is an issue also for the US allies, and do you think it requires some reaction, or not and why? I am asking this because transatlantic relations are based also on values, albeit sometimes pretty vague definition of values. Read few comments.

Thomas Scotto, Professor of Government and Politics, University of Strathclyde

There is now a balancing act that US allies have to play–on the one hand, their domestic electorates will expect them to issues statements condemning Trump’s apparent racism.  On the other, US allies seek to `wait Trump out’ and not garner the President’s attention or ire in the run-up to the 2020 election.

Timothy LynchAssociate Professor in American Politics, University of Melbourne

Trump is confounding, isn’t he? The more politically incorrect he becomes, the more his base laud him. He is in election mode remember. His strategy, which worked despite every prediction that it would not in 2016, is to fire up his base. Appeasing the middle does not bother him.

Neither does keeping foreigners happy. America was made by the men and women who shunned their homelands over 250 years. ‘If you don’t like what they made, leave’ has been an injunction across US history. Trump is not a fine-grain reader of that history but he is able to articulate some core assumptions about American identity.

And a key one is that the US experiment is superior to others, welcomes those who sign up to it, and is disdainful of internal and external dissenters. Trump did not invent this tradition. But he is a powerful and sometimes crude articulator of it.

Stanley SloanNonresident Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council of the United States, Visiting Scholar in Political Science, Middlebury College

President Trump’s blatantly racist remarks — not the first he has ever made — pose a dilemma for most allied leaders. The recent tweets are at odds with generally accepted interpretations of a liberal democratic philosophy that underlies the Western alliance. At the same time, the allies will have to deal with this president for at least another 17 months, including a planned NATO summit in December. And, the president is unlikely to abandon his approach as it seems to be a key part of his re-election strategy. So, allied leaders who are critical of the president’s remarks leave themselves open to counterattack.

On the other hand, many supporters of liberal democracy in allied nations face similar pressures from radical right nativist forces in their own countries, and Trump now is offering inspiration and encouragement to those forces. As a believer in the values that have generally come to be accepted by Western countries, I personally would like to see allied leaders find the courage to stand on the side of those values. It might produce some rocky relations with the United States in the near term, but it would align them with the majority of Americans who share those values.

Mark RozellDean and Professor of Public Policy, George Mason University

The loss of respect for US political leadership among the nation’s allies is profound and was happening of course long before Trump sent these tweets. Trump’s tweets deepen the sense of disdain among allies for this US administration and also for the many leaders in the president’s party who have not spoken up against his actions. Should Trump lose in 2020 it will require a lot of hard work by the new administration to reassure allies that the US is a reliable partner they can be proud of.

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