China: How safe is Xi Jinping’s rule?

Lasting trade dispute with the US, continuous international coverage of treatment of the Uyghurs, protests and bad results of pro-Beijing candidates in Hong Kong local elections. Is this combination of factors somehow a special challenge for Xi Jinping, for the regime, or not and why? Read few comments.

President Xi Jinping: Credit:

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What can we learn from the Velvet Revolution?

As we witness that various authoritarian and antidemocratic political strains are getting popularity around the globe, any lessons we can learn and apply to current situation from what happened 30 years ago in the Central and Eastern Europe (including the Velvet Revolution)? Or was it somehow a unique process and it is hard to take something concrete out of it, also taking into account that some results of the CEE revolutions are probably mixed after 30 years. Read few comments.

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Impeachment: How are Democrats doing?

How do you assess an impeachment process so far, do you think that the Democrats are making a strong case for a impeachment or maybe not so much, and why?
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Political deadlock: What is going on in Spain?

What are the main reason for a political deadlock in Spain that again led to an early elections? Could it be this time different? Read few comments.

Spanish PM and PSOE leader Pedro Sánchez. Credit:

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What is Macron’s vision for Europe?

There is a discussion about France vetoing start of the EU accession talks with Northern Macedonia (and also Albania). French President Emmanuel Macron argues that firstly he wants to see a reform of the accession process and reform of the EU itself. But in your opinion, what kind vision does French nPresident Macron have for the EU and do you think the others are willing to follow? Read few comments. (I have asked those questions before Macron’s NATO rant).

French President Emmanuel Macron. Credit,:

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