What’s next for Sahel amid deteriorating security situation?

According to Germany’s Defense Ministry the security situation in Africa’s Sahel is deteriorating, with terrorism threatening both soldiers and civilians. How do you assess security trends in the region, could jihadi groups create a broader area of instability? Read few comments.
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Avangard HGV: What advantage does it give to Russia?

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Avangard ICBM system is a weapon of the future that can penetrate both existing and any future missile defense systems and others are trying to catch up with Russia on this. But in your opinion is the Avangard really so unique, from what we know what military advantage it gives to Russia, if any? Read few comments.

Russian President Vladimir Putin. Credit: http://eng.putin.kremlin.ru/

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Impeachment: Did Democrats make their case?

Read few comments.

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What’s next for Brexit?

Barring a miracle Britain will leave the EU on January 31. In general, what do you expect from the UK-EU negotiations about the future relations? PM Boris Johnson wants to finish them by end of 2020. But is it realistic? Read few comments.

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Is Boris Johnson ready to run Britain?

Tories and PM Boris Johnson have a clear mandate to run the country. But how much is Johnson ready to do it? He and his government will have to try to keep promises from the party manifesto, will have to deal with various complicated international (trade) negotiations, the question of independence referendum in Scotland might be back on the table… Read few comments.

Boris Johnson. Credit: http://www.conservatives.com

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All about Brexit? Britain goes to poll

Read few comment.

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Aung San Suu Kyi and Rohingya genocide trial

Aung San Suu Kyi decided to travel to The Hague after Gambia filed a lawsuit at the International Court of Justice against Myanmar accusing it of acts of genocide against the Rohingya ethnic group. Why would you say she felt that she has to be there personally and what do you expect from this lawsuit? Read few comments.

Aung San Suu Kyi. Credit: Andrej Matisak

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Finland: This is a woman’s political world

As Finland is set to have Sanna Marin as the country’s youngest Prime Minister ever, and coalition  parties are run by female leaders, does it say something substantive about Finland’s  approach toward women and women in politics, or is it more or less just a coincidence? Read few comments.

Appointed Finnish PM Sanna Marin, Credit: https://www.sannamarin.net/

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NATO Leaders Meeting: Is the Alliance in good shape?

It should be more or less a celebratory summit in London, they even don’t call this event a summit, its NATO Leaders meeting, but what do you expect from the Alliance gathering in terms of discussions? And while one of the aims is to show unity, having in one room Presidents Trump, Macron and Erdogan (and the others, of course), probably won’t add too much to unity, will it? Read few comments.

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