Irregular quote of the day

Mark Leonard, co-founder and director of the European Council on Foreign Relations for The Daily Beast in “The Euro’s Long Goodbye to Greece.”

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If a new deal for Greece, how will the others react?

You might see it differently, but seems to me, one of the challenges of securing any compromise with Greece is the fact that there are countries like Ireland, Portugal, Spain… that were in the similar situation as Greece and maybe they are not very happy seeing a new deal for Greece. E. g. Ireland says they will insist on similar deal if any secured by Greece. Read few comments.

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Syriza in who blinks first game?

Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said Greece won’t seek an extension of its bailout agreement and will not cooperate with Troika on this. He is open to cooperation with the international institutions and EU member states, though, and PM Alexis Tsipras claims that teh will soon manage to reach a mutually beneficial agreement, both for Greece and for Europe as a whole. But it all seems as a risky move and it looks like we are in the game who blinks first. So would you say this is a good strategy for Greece, or maybe not, and why? Read few comments.

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Is Syriza ready to govern?

The polls favorite Syriza to win parliamentary elections in Greece.

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Greece: The possibility of a Grexit remains low

Personally, I do not believe that Grexit may happen (do you?), but in general how good is the EU, eurozone prepared for perhaps some turbulent times after the Greek elections, especially if Syriza wins? Read few comments.

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America and income inequality

From President Obama’s SOTU address: That’s what middle-class economics is — the idea that this country does best when everyone gets their fair shot, everyone does their fair share, everyone plays by the same set of rules.

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SOTU: Call to action?

Read few comments. President Barack Obama State of the Union Address here.

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