President George H. W. Bush and the end of the Cold War

How would you assess the ability of President George H. W. Bush to help to navigate the world (and my region) during uneasy times of change from communist regimes to democracy? Do we still feel his decisions? Read few comments.

Vicepresident George H. W. Bush with President Ronald Reagan. Credit:

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RIP President George H. W. Bush. What is his legacy?

How would you assess political legacy of President Bush, what from what he had done still resonate (should resonate) in American politics? Read few comments.

President George H. W. Bush (1924 – 2018). Credit:

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What does Czechoslovakia mean for the West?

Do you think there is some message of Czechoslovakia that was established in 1918 that still resonates in the West, means beyond Czech and Slovak Republic? Read few comments. (Of course, we just witnessed some high profile Western visits in the region, and every Embassy is celebrating 100 years of Czechoslovakia and 25 years of diplomatic relations with Czechia and Slovakia).

Credit: Andrej Matišák

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Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia: The West was not tweaking the tail of the Russian Bear

While it was probably unrealistic to expect that the West will do something against the invasion of Czechoslovakia beyond rhetorical condemnation, is it possible to say if there was any concrete lesson the West later took from the occupation that had an effect on Western policies towards the USSR? Read few comments.
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RIP John McCain

Maverick, conservative, foreign policy hawk. Politician from the times (though I am not sure if those really existed) when politics was more civilized. What was Senator John McCain’s political star hour (2000 campaign?) and what about his most problematic decision (Sarah Palin?) and what those things say us about his political legacy? Read few comments.

John McCain (1936 – 2018)

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Barbara Bush was an American original

Barbara Bush just passed away, how would you assess her influence over Bush political dynasty and maybe also over American society and politics? Read few comments.

RIP Barbara Bush (1925-2018). Credit:

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Catalonia, history and independence

Do you see from a historical perspective any plausible claim for independence of Catalonia or maybe it is more about myths, perceptions and political constructs? (Of course, for better or worse myths are usually politically important for the nations). Read few comments.

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