Impeachment: How are Democrats doing?

How do you assess an impeachment process so far, do you think that the Democrats are making a strong case for a impeachment or maybe not so much, and why?
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Political deadlock: What is going on in Spain?

What are the main reason for a political deadlock in Spain that again led to an early elections? Could it be this time different? Read few comments.

Spanish PM and PSOE leader Pedro Sánchez. Credit:

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What is Macron’s vision for Europe?

There is a discussion about France vetoing start of the EU accession talks with Northern Macedonia (and also Albania). French President Emmanuel Macron argues that firstly he wants to see a reform of the accession process and reform of the EU itself. But in your opinion, what kind vision does French nPresident Macron have for the EU and do you think the others are willing to follow? Read few comments. (I have asked those questions before Macron’s NATO rant).

French President Emmanuel Macron. Credit,:

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Brexit: Will early elections solve anything in Britain?

Also taking into account current opinion polls do you think that an early elections may be a recipe for solving a Brexit deadlock, or probably not, and why? It’s probably unrealistic but ex-PM Tony Blair suggested that a solution would be have an elections and also the second referendum. Read few comments.

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What to expect from Trudeau 2.0?

PM Justin Trudeau retains power in Canada but loses majority in the polls. What does this result says about how voters assess his first term and as he stays in the office do you think we will see a (bit) different Trudeau, or not and why? Read few comments.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau. Credit:

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Is revived Brexit deal fair and reasonable?

Michel Barnier and Boris Johnson called revived Brexit deal fair and reasonable. Would you agree, or perhaps not and why? Read few comments.

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Further instability in Syria plays into the hand of extremists and a regrouping of ISIS

US President Donald Trump basically gives green light for Turkey operation against Kurds in Syria, but je is also sending mixing signals towards Ankara. How do you see a  problem of ISIS fighters captured in the region in this context.? President Trump’s criticism towards Europe not dealing with own citizens who are terrorists is perhaps justifiable. But it is probably hard to imagine that it will be a smooth process if Turkey takes over captured ISIS members as was indicated.
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