Al-Qaeda would like to repeat a major attack like 9/11

If al-Qaeda would have a chance would they repeat 9/11, and why? And BTW, any indications that they regret the attack? (regret not regarding what they did but maybe in a sense that after an attack all pressure and focus was on al-Qaeda). Read few comments.
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Some strengths and weaknesses of von der Leyen’s Commission

This is very preliminary but read few comments.

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John le Carré, James Bond and Monty Python: Is Brexit a spy novel or a joke?

According to Guardian John le Carré’s new novel Agent Running in the Field is set amid ‘lunatic’ Brexit intrigue. Do you think that Brexit is a right set up for an espionage novel, and why? Read new comments.

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Ukraine-Russia: What’s next after prisoners exchange?

As Russia and Ukraine conducted prisoner exchange do you think it could be a step towards some talks over a resolution of Russia-Ukraine conflict? Read few comments.
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What connects protests in Hong Kong and Taiwan’s elections?

Do you think that current events in Hong Kong will effect, and how, Taiwan’s political situation and upcoming presidential elections in January?  Read few comments.

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen. Credit:

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The 80th anniversary of World War II: Could history repeat itself?

Read few comments.
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Brandenburg and Saxony elections: What can AfD achieve?

If voters deliver the far-right AfD significant state election gains in Brandenburg and Saxony on September 1. what could it mean for AfD and what repercussions in may have for the grand coalition? Read few comments.
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