More resiliency to cyberattacks: What does the EU need?

There is a proposal for an EU Cybersecurity Agency to assist Member States in dealing with cyber-attacks, as well as a new European certification scheme that will ensure that products and services in the digital world are safe to use. How do you see this initiative, how can the Member States benefit from it? Read few comments.

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Separatism in Europe: Catalonia and the others

Do you think we might see some revival of some secessionist movements in Europe due to situation in Catalonia or maybe not so much, and why? Read few comments.
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What’s next for Spain, Catalonia?

Amid the violent scenes and the disputable statement that Catalonia has won the right to statehood how do you see the situation might evolve? Will both sides push this even further or you see a room for calming down the situation? Read few comments.

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More of the same?: Germany’s EU politics after the election

It probably won’t be easy to quickly produce a stable governing coalition after the German election. What kind of effect it may have on the EU politics taking into account also the fact that the possible Jamaica coalition might be pretty divided on many issues? Read few comments.
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Brexit: British diplomacy’s charm offensive?

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson just visited Slovakia. He arrives only few days after PM May’s speech in Florence. What do you think is the main aim of British diplomacy after the speech and do you think that speech brought some clarity into the negotiations? Read few comments.

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson with State Secretary Ivan Korcok. Credit:

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What to do with AfD?

AfD can celebrate with a great result in the East Germany and many previously non-voters on its side. No doubt the AfD will be a loud voice in the Bundestag. So how to deal with the AfD? To ostracize them? Talk to them? Something in between? Read few comments.
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Is German politics boring? Not at all!

While some observers are saying that with Merkel’s hegemony German politics is quite boring, Germany has a far-right party, radical left party, surging liberal party, traditional SPD is perhaps on a verge of huge problems and after the election there will be a discussion about the coalition. So is German politics boring? Read few comments.

Chancellor Angela Merkel and SPD leader Martin Schulz. Credit:

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