Israel elections 2019: Change or more of the same?

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Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Credit:

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Jerusalem: Trump has created a crisis. Also an opportunity?

With Ahron Bregman of King’s College London about US President Donald Trump’s Jerusalem decision.

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A war is coming?: What’s next for Lebanon

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warns against Lebanon proxy wars. So how do you assess a possibility of an open war in Lebanon, and what kind of war – who against whom? Read few comments.
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Netanyahu’s illiberal connection?

Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu just visited Hungary and had a summit with V4 countries and many observers suggested that he might feel quite comfortable among illiberal partners as current Hungarian and Polish governments are described. How would you see this, would you agree or not, and why? (you might also have heard about how Netanyahu basically supported Hungarian campaign against George Soros).

Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu at V4 summit in Budapest with Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán. Credit:

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Iran deal: New chapter? Or horror story?

HighRep Federica Mogherini:  This decision is not only on Iran’s nuclear program, it’s much more, can open a new chapter in international relations. In your opinion, how much is it realistic to expect that it will really open a new chapter in international relations and what kind of chapter? Read few comments.

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What’s next for Israel-US relations?

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is somehow backing away from the pre-election comments that there would be no Palestinian state on his watch, but is seems Israel-US relations (of maybe better to say Obama-Netanyahu relations?) are in a very bad shape with the US even suggesting it may give less support to Israel in the UN.  What is your view on the current state of Israel-US relations taking into account also Iran nuclear talks and (currently not very much existent) peace process? Read few comments.

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Israel vs Hamas: Towards a ceasefire?

Would you say that the current efforts of Ban Ki-moon and John Kerry regarding Gaza may lead to ceasefire or probably not, and why? Read few comments.

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