What should/will the West do about Putin’s re-election bid?

Maybe you see this differently but one of the themes of Vladimir Putin’s re-election bid might be how he is a strong leader who is willing to stand up against the West. How would you say the West should react on Putin’s re-election bid, perhaps also taking into account Kremlin’s various elections meddling and the efforts to undermine the West? Read few comments.

Russian President Vladimir Putin. Credit: http://eng.putin.kremlin.ru/

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Brexit and Russia: How bad was/is it?

Researchers find that accounts run from Russia tried to sow discord between Britons over the referendum, at least 419 of those accounts tweeted about Brexit a total of 3,468 times – mostly after the referendum had taken place. The number might look small so how would you judge the operation like this in a broader context of Russia’s disinfo efforts? Read few comments.

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Mueller’s investigation and Trump’s distraction

Amid first charges in Robert Mueller’s investigation President Donald Trump and his allies are clearly focusing on Hillary Clinton and her alleged misdeeds. How do you read this behavior and how important do you find that we might move into the indictment phase of Mueller’s investigation? Read few comments.

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What does Russia want with North Korea?

Russia has helped North Korea with internet,  and some observers even claim Moscow is not so innocent regarding the progress of NK nuclear programme. So how would you assess Russia’s position towards North Korea, what is Russia’s interest and what influence it may have on NK regime? Read few comments.
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Zapad 2017: What are Russia’s strategic objectives

Read few comments. Russian-Belarusian military exercise  Zapad-2017 takes place from September 14.
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Peacekeepers for Ukraine? What Russia wants

What’s your view on the recent Russian proposal for the UN peacekeepers for Ukraine, would this help ? Moscow has dismissed similar proposals in the past, so is it a change of heart, what the motives of Kremlin are? Read few comments.

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What can Georgia expect from the US under President Trump?

On one hand US Vice President Mike Pence recently visited Georgia, on the other hand we have quite unpredictable Donald Trump in the White House. What would you say Georgia could expect from the US, do you think Georgia should somehow change, adjust its policies towards the US (the West)? Read few comments.

Exercise Noble Partner: U.S. Vice President Mike Pence speaks before a crowd of U.S. Soldiers and Georgian soldiers. Credit: http://www.eur.army.mil, Sgt. Shiloh Capers

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