Is ISIS bigger threat to America than Al-Qaeda?

Do you agree or not, and why, with the FBI statement that the Islamic State’s effort to inspire Americans to violence has become more of a terror threat to the U.S. than an external attack by al-Qaeda as FBI Director James Comey said? Read few comments.

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PM Cameron wants to address extremism. Will his plan work?

Prime Minister David Cameron set out his plans to address extremism. What do you think about this plan and what should be done from your point of view to tackle extremism? Read few comments.

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Threat of terrorism to the Balkans

In general, how much is ISIS (other jihadists) a potential threat for the Balkans, do you see any chance that the jihadist activities may find some fertile soil in the region? Read few comments.

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What’s next for missile defense in Europe after Iran deal

Russian FM Sergey Lavrov said re Iran deal: We all remember when in April 2009 in Prague President Obama said that if the Iranian nuclear issue was settled, there would be no need in creating an air defense system in Europe. Following this my question is: In your opinion, will (should) Iran deal somehow alter missile defense plans in Europe, which are, of course, not just American plans, but NATO’s plans? Read few comments.

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Iran nuclear talks: Deal or not? And what may happen under both scenarios

How would you asses the impact of the possible successful conclusion of Iran nuclear talks on the broader Middle East and maybe also beyond? And if the talks fail, what kind of impact do you expect? Read few comments.

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7/7 anniversary: How big is the threat of terrorism?

We hear warnings such that Britain faces the biggest threat from terrorism in a decade. Do you agree with this assessment, is the biggest problem right now the rise of ISIS or you see also some other factors? Read few comments.

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Terrorism and ISIS: What’s next after triple attacks?

With attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait and France it is hard to say the actual extent of IS` control over these operations, but it seems that ISIS` calls for more attacks during Ramadan are quite inspirational. Do you expect more attacks and how to counter it in your opinion? Read few comments.

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