Jo Cox murder: A recent tone of political debate has been hysterical and angry

The murder of Labour MP Jo Cox is a huge tragedy. We still very little about motives of murder suspect Thomas Mair. Do you think her death may have any impact on British politics and society, and what kind of impact? Read few comments. (I have asked this question before Mair said when asked his name at court: My name is death to traitors, freedom for Britain.)

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NATO’s enhanced forward presence: Will Russia react? And how?

Though NATO enhanced forward presence on the Eastern flank will be relatively small and defensive in its nature Russia is talking about countermeasures. Should we be worried or not, and why in fact in your opinion what kind of countermeasures has Russia at disposal? Read few comments.

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How is Orlando shooting linked to Islamic State?

Read few comments.

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Islamic State is under military pressure. How much does it matter?

According to reports Syrian troops reach edge of Raqqa and there is also push for Fallujjah in Iraq. So it seems that various forces starting to be militarily successful fighting ISIS But in your opinion how important are those military successes in a broader context (political, societal) of struggle against ISIS? Read few comments.

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EURO 2016 and terrorism: French authorities will consider previous attacks

One can say the EURO 2016 it is an attractive target for any terrorist but on the other hand the high level of security measures will probably discourage many from trying anything. So in general what will be focus of security services regarding EURO 2016 and why? Read few comments.

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What holds the keys to unlock EgyptAir MS804 flight mystery

EgyptAir Flight 804 crashed into the Mediterranean Sea on 19 May 2016. There were 66 people on board.

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Sending a message? Montenegro will be NATO’s 29th member

It is “just” a relatively small Montenegro but still it is another enlargement for NATO as the accession protocol was signed. What does it mean for both sides, for the Alliance and for Montenegro, especially if we take into account current geopolitical situation?

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