Aum Shinrikyo and the risk of CBRN terrorism

Leaders of the cult Aum Shinrikyo were just executed. How much  we should be worried about CBRN terrorism? Aum Shinrikyo were successful, but it seems that other terrorist organizations do not focus very much on executing similar attack. Or we have been simply lucky so far? Read few comments.

CBRN experts from Germany and the US are practicing decontamination procedures during the 2014 Golden Mask exercise using high mobile decontamination systems. Credit:

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Iraq: The end of the war against ISIS and what can go wrong

As Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared the end of the war against ISIS, any reasons for worries that this is a premature announcement and in your opinion what’s next for Iraq? Read few comments.
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A short threat assessment after terrorist attack in New York

Many observers claim that as ISIS is losing territory we could probably expect more attacks. So what it the biggest worry? Attacks like the current one in New York, means horrible but relatively unsophisticated? Or more planned attacks probably conducted by trained returned foreign fighters? Or is it perhaps the combination of both? Read few comments.
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What’s next for al-Qaeda-ISIS rivalry, relations

As the world focused on ISIS the last few years were probably not so bad for al-Qaeda. But now ISIS is losing the territory (at least in the physical realm). Would you say it means something for al-Qaeda? Maybe a possible merger with ISIS or is al-Qaeda happy to see ISIS is losing? Read few comments.

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Spanish attacks and what could they mean

Catalan police say the shot terrorists in Cambrils, the van attack in Barcelona and an explosion at a house on Wednesday evening in the town of Alcanar that killed one person are all linked. If those three events are really connected does is suggest a higher level of planning and ability to avoid the attention of authorities? What does it tell us about the perpetrators a possible future threats? Read few comments.

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What does the liberation of Mosul mean for the fight with ISIS and for Iraq?

Read few comments.

Iraqi PM Heidar al-Abadi celebrates the liberation of Mosul. Credit:

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Attacks against Muslim communities is becoming an issue of increasing concern

While we do not know all the details of what happened in London, in Finsbury Park it looks like a deliberate attack against the Muslim community. In your opinion, how big is a threat of reprisal attacks against Muslim community after couple of attacks conducted by Islamist extremists, how should security forces (society?) react? Read few comments.

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