Al-Qaeda vs. Islamic State: A fierce competition?

How important for the jihadi movement do you find Al-Qaeda – Islamic state competition? Is the competition from your point of view really visible and where this could lead? Read few comments.

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The rapid grown of anti-Muslim prejudice is alarming, as is the resurgence of anti-Semitism

There is no doubt that the attack on Charlie Hebdo will trigger and triggers more debate about the immigration and Islam, but we have also seen attacks om Jewish targets in Europe in the recent past. How big do you think is the danger of on one hand a growing islamophobia and on the other hang a growing antisemitism in Europe? So basically how big is the danger Europe will become increasingly intolerant, and if this danger exists how to counter it? Read few comments.

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Leaders gather in Paris for unity march. But what does it mean for EU politics?

Many European leaders and politicians attend unity march in Paris after the attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine. It is an important gesture, but what do you expect from Europe, from the EU in terms of real steps, would you say this attack could influence European politics and society somehow profoundly? Read few comments.

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Terrorism in Europe: What’s (probably) next after the attack on Charlie Hebdo

I know we should be careful to conclude anything at this stage, but what do you make out of these attacks in France? From your point of view, do you see an indication that this could be a bigger terrorist operation linked to AQAP (ISIS, maybe)., perhaps even a sleeper cell (could they be more)? Read few comments.

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We are not all Charlie

It seems that both IS and al-Qaeda have praised the attack on Charlie Hebdo. Though we do not know for sure if the attacker have some contacts with bigger terrorist networks, would you say jihadist groups could somehow use this attack for their propaganda, for recruiting? For us the message of the attack is “Je suis Charlie” and that the attack for also an attack on freedom of expression, but what is the message of the attack for the extremists? Read few comments.

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Attack on Charlie Hebdo and freedom of press and expression

President François Hollande called the attack an act of terrorism. Without too much speculations who did it I think we can call an attack on media also the attack on freedom of speech. So in your opinion, how should media react, should there be some limits for example in depicting the Prophet? Read few comments.


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Peshawar’s school massacre: What’s next

What happened in Peshawar, when dozens of children were killed, is for the Westerns observers definitely horrible even by the Taliban’s gruesome standards. But is it something what could have an impact also on Pakistani society, would you expect some backlash against the militants? Read few comments.

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