Jail term for 14-year-old on terrorism charges. How does ISIS propaganda work on young people?

A 14-year-old Austrian schoolboy was convicted of planning to bomb a Vienna train station. In general, how successful is the jihadi propaganda towards very young people and is the jail term for 14-year old a good way how to counter it? Read few comments.

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Another horrible attack by al-Shabaab. But how strong is this group nowadays?

Al-Shabab militants attacked dormitories at Garissa University College in northeastern Kenya killing 147 people, mainly students. Al-Shabaab has showed that they are still capable of preparing really horrible attack on the soft target. But how strong do you find al-Shabaab, many people argue that al-Shabaab is in decline, do you agree or not, and why? Read few comments.

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Tunisia: Few initial thoughts what was the Bardo attack (probably) about

Attack in Tunisia left at least 21 dead including at least 17 foreign tourists. We do not know much about the attackers, but what do you think the target (museum, tourists) tell us about their intentions? Read few comments.

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Kenya versus terrorism

Read few comments.

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What’s next for Libya

Jihadists in Libya  are direct threat to Europe: French PM Manuel Valls. Some people even argue that Libya as a state has ceased to exist. Where is Libya heading to in your opinion, into more chaos and violence, and could it be prevented? Read few comments.

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Europe and Arab, Muslim countries anti-terror alliance? How could this work better?

After the attacks in Paris EU calls for anti-terror alliance with Arab countries. In your opinion, what would be the best way how the EU can engage with Arab, Muslim countries on the topic of terrorism and is it something what the might expect from Europe?

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To pay or not to pay: ISIS demands $200 million for Japanese hostages

As ISIS is asking for a ransom for Japan’s citizens how would you say Tokyo will react? And how should Japan react in your opinion? Read few comments. Continue reading


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