EURO 2016 and terrorism: French authorities will consider previous attacks

One can say the EURO 2016 it is an attractive target for any terrorist but on the other hand the high level of security measures will probably discourage many from trying anything. So in general what will be focus of security services regarding EURO 2016 and why? Read few comments.

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What does Islamic State want to achieve by attacking Europe?

Islamic State claims responsibility for attacks in Brussels but so far it is very hard to judge how much was ISIS really involved in planning this. But in general with attacking Europe what does want ISIS to achieve? Read few comments.

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What Brussels attacks tell us about attackers

Regarding attacks in Brussels and without getting much into speculations who did it and why, can we read something from the way how it was done, do you see anything new on the way how it was done? Read few comments.

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Will hostages be less important for terrorists but also for security forces?

E. g. Met Police will increase its armed presence and there is an another development as French Colonel Hubert Bonneau, head of the elite GIGN police, said there is a new type of terrorist threat meant there are no classic hostage situations such as in the past and hostages are just a buffer to slow the progress of security forces. So basically are we moving towards a new phase when we will see more armed security personnel on the streets ready to act quickly due the fact that hostages will be not so important? Read few comments.

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Attacks in Ouagadougou: What is (probably) AQIM doing in Burkina Faso?

It’s still unconfirmed but it seems that AQIM or related groups could be responsible for attacks in Burkina Faso capital Ouagadougou. E. g. there is a French military presence in Burkina, but from your point of view why would AQIM ar other jihadi group be interested in carrying out such attack? Read few comments.

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Irregular quote of the day

Colonel Hubert Bonneau, Head of the GIGN police.

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What’s next for Libya

After today’s bomb attack in Libyan city of Zliten Martin Kobler, the UN’s special representative to Libya, tweeted: I condemn in the strongest terms today’s deadly suicide attack in Zliten, call on all Libyans to urgently unite in fight against terrorism. Do you think there is a path to unity in Libya and maybe also similar attacks can in fact somehow contribute to finding unity? Read few comments.

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