Attacks in Ouagadougou: What is (probably) AQIM doing in Burkina Faso?

It’s still unconfirmed but it seems that AQIM or related groups could be responsible for attacks in Burkina Faso capital Ouagadougou. E. g. there is a French military presence in Burkina, but from your point of view why would AQIM ar other jihadi group be interested in carrying out such attack? Read few comments.

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Irregular quote of the day

Colonel Hubert Bonneau, Head of the GIGN police.

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What’s next for Libya

After today’s bomb attack in Libyan city of Zliten Martin Kobler, the UN’s special representative to Libya, tweeted: I condemn in the strongest terms today’s deadly suicide attack in Zliten, call on all Libyans to urgently unite in fight against terrorism. Do you think there is a path to unity in Libya and maybe also similar attacks can in fact somehow contribute to finding unity? Read few comments.

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What do we know after fighting ISIS in 2015

Multiply attacks abroad, bringing its flag to distant countries, continuing flow foreign fighters. And there are other thing we can mention when talking about ISIS in 2015 which ISIS presents as successes. But in your opinion, are they any lessons learned we should follow in 2016 to better address ISIS threat? Read few comments.

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Refugees and terrorists: Are we entering a paranoid era?

In your opinion, how is the European approach toward refugee crisis influenced by our fears of terrorism, especially after Paris attacks? E.g. today there is a report from Austria that two people with suspected links to the Paris attacks were arrested with an Austrian newspaper reporting the two are French citizens posing as refugees.

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Counterterrorism: What’s next (if anything) after San Bernardino shooting?

As FBI is investigating San Bernardino shooting as terrorism do you think this attack will/should have some broader implication for future efforts of fighting terrorism (especially jihadi terrorism)? Read few comments.

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ISIS and oil: How (un)important is to hit ISIS capabilities of selling oil?

Western and Russian jets are bombing ISIS oil trucks. I would say it is just a small piece of jigsaw when talking about fighting ISIS, but it seems for some politicians it is kinda-sorta magical solution. So in your opinion, how (un)important is to hit ISIS capabilities of selling oil? Read few comments.

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