Refugees and terrorists: Are we entering a paranoid era?

In your opinion, how is the European approach toward refugee crisis influenced by our fears of terrorism, especially after Paris attacks? E.g. today there is a report from Austria that two people with suspected links to the Paris attacks were arrested with an Austrian newspaper reporting the two are French citizens posing as refugees.

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Counterterrorism: What’s next (if anything) after San Bernardino shooting?

As FBI is investigating San Bernardino shooting as terrorism do you think this attack will/should have some broader implication for future efforts of fighting terrorism (especially jihadi terrorism)? Read few comments.

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ISIS and oil: How (un)important is to hit ISIS capabilities of selling oil?

Western and Russian jets are bombing ISIS oil trucks. I would say it is just a small piece of jigsaw when talking about fighting ISIS, but it seems for some politicians it is kinda-sorta magical solution. So in your opinion, how (un)important is to hit ISIS capabilities of selling oil? Read few comments.

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Paris attacks: What it means for Schengen, EU borders and security

Alleged mastermind of Paris attacks Abdelhamid Abaaoud moved to Syria and back, he travelled to Germany, from Belgium to France. If we look at counterterrorism measures do you think that we should also rethink how Schengen free movement zone is working, would you suggest some changes on external and internal borders? Read few comments.

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Paris attacks: Will EU fight along with France?

President François Hollande has mentioned Lisbon Treaty article 42.7 an obligation of aid and assistance by all the means in their power to any member that is the victim of armed aggression. Many observers think it is quite unusual. How do you read this, to what kind of EU response could it lead? Read few comments.

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Paris attacks: What does it mean in the context of fighting ISIS?

Paris attacks are the essence of terrorism, it is not only about people being killed it is about creating a political effect, says Peter Neumann, Director of the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation. Would you agree with such description of Paris terrorist attacks and why? And whoever was it, what should be the reaction on those attacks in your opinion? Read few comments.

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Why is ISIS saying what is saying about Russian plane crash?

Islamic State’s Egyptian affiliate said it would tell the world how they have downed a Russian plane in its own time. How do you read such statement? If they really did this wouldn’t be they even more vocal about this, saying some details? Read few comments.

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